This documentation is incomplete and not guaranteed to be up to date.


This is a high-level overview of some the features of the Onyx programming language. A basic knowledge of programming and computer systems is assumed. This documentation is not designed to be read top-to-bottom, so feel free to jump around as it makes sense. Most of the examples can be copied into the main procedure on Onyx Playground.

Hello, Onyx!

The following is the famous "Hello, World!" program, implemented in Onyx.

use core {*}

main :: () {
	println("Hello, World!");

Running Onyx

When your program is saved to hello.onyx, you can now compile and run it:

onyx run hello.onyx

Compiling Onyx

You can also compile Onyx to a WebAssembly binary, and run it later:

onyx build hello.onyx -o hello.wasm
onyx run hello.wasm